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L.O.T.I.O.N.- Second Audio Document 2014 CS
L.O.T.I.O.N.- Second Audio Document_2014 CS
Dimoni Embroidered Patch

DIMONI Embroidered Patch


Communion Tape

Lots of new stuff up on the shop, including the Anasazi/Survival Communion Tape and zine, Survival tee, and the 2nd pressing of Anasazi’s Nuke York tape!

Anasazi Nuke York Tape
Anasazi- Nuke York 7 song cassette

Warthog Tee
Warthog T-Shirt

Endless War In An Imaginary World Tee
Alexander Heir “Endless War In An Imaginary World” T-Shirt


Hello folks. As you may or may not have noticed the webstore is back online and is very much consolidated. We are packing and shipping new orders as they come in. There are some outstanding orders from before the store reopened which we are getting to as well. If you are one of those people feel free to email us at burnbooks@burnbooks.org . Thanks for your patience while we get our shit together. Max / Alex. 08/29/12

Pretty cool Wet Witch photo by Jeff Crespi from Amp magazine.

Thanks everyone for your patience. We’ve managed to pack out the  majority of the 100 or so orders we had backed up. Unless you are Tom Stamates, Jeff Piper, Kyle Morgan or Nicholas Stoiber your order already went out: . To the 4 mentioned, we’re working on it…just need to get your items restocked.

As you can see from these captivating photographs we are busy shipping a ton of outstanding orders. I don’t want to make excuses here but for one reason or another we got backed up with a lot of orders coming in and not enough inventory to ship em out. Due to this we are taking down the webstore for two weeks just to get our shit together and really concentrate on getting everything out that needs to go. Doing Burn Books is really fun and we sincerely appreciate the support we get from everyone, but at times it’s a bit overwhelming juggling it with real world priorities. So with that in mind, thanks again for all your orders and your patience….we’re still packing stuff.

Check out the new track up from Rosenkopf. Currently streaming on pitchfork. Debut lp comes out in about a month on wierd records.

Got 10 of em packed. Getting the crew together on Wednesday to pack the rest. Thanks for the wait.