Brooke Smith was a teenager immersed in the boiling mid-80s hardcore scene of downtown Manhattan. Her intimate photographs, from ‘83 to ‘88, reveal an underground scene at it’s most potent in a city’s troubled era. These bands were the backdrop for Smiths adolescence : Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, The Cro Mags, Murphy’s Law, Underdog, The Icemen, Armed Citizen, Urban Waste, No Thanks, The Abused, Warzone, Violence, The Young n Useless, Adrenalin OD, The Nihilistics, Rapid Deployment, The Psychos, The Misguided, The Stimulators, Sheer Terror, Ultra, Antidote, Hinkley Fan Club, Reagan Youth, Bold, Crackdown, Krieg Kropf, Supertouch, Crumbsuckers, Sick of it All, Kraut, Scab, False Prophets, Heart Attack, PMS, Gilligan’s Revenge, Major Conflict, Leeway, YDL, Cause For Alarm, The Mob, Modern Clix and Token Entry. Brooke Smiths photographs tell the complex story of youth trying to find and maintain community amidst an aggressive and volatile music scene.

Just saw an exhibition of her work at Primary photo gallery and managed to buy 20 copies of the accompanying zine/catalog put out by Tiny Vices. We’re selling them for $10 ppd or $17 ppd for international orders. Not sure if there are any more of the zines left, but the show is up til October 17th so check it out if you are in NY or just buy the zine if you can’t make it.

Primary Photographic Gallery is pleased to present :

Brooke Smith
Sunday Matinee exhibition & book launch
curated by Tim Barber


Sep. 15th – Oct. 17th
opening reception Sep. 15th, 6-9pm

The opening will also celebrate the release of a 52 page, large format, limited edition catalog, with an introduction written by Gavin McInnes.

195 Chrystie St. North Store
NY, NY 10002